Advanced Sessions


The advanced sessions clean the emotional body from specific themes, important people in your life, karmic links and reinforce your relationship with your Higher Self.

They give you the opportunity to expand your awareness and have real spiritual experiences as well as on a deeper level integrate the Divine in your daily life.

In the advanced sessions you can uncover and release specific themes such as:
  Karmic links with parents, children, siblings e.g.
  Addiction/ abuse
  How can you get joy in your life
  Your relationship with love
  What have you learned about saying "yes"/ "no"
  Contact with/ experiences of the Divine

The list of topics is never ending. Together we will figure out what you need or want your Higher Self to show you.

You may have a difficult relationship with your mother/ father or your child. You cannot change this person but you can change the way you relate and respond to that person. Uncovering your "story" will enable you to set yourself and the other person free.

When you release the heavy topics in your life, you will obtain a lightness in your energetic body and it will make you capable of dealing with your life with greater awareness, insight and love.