Psycho Spiritual Facilitation

Queen of Dawn by Gilbert Williams
Let your Higher Self guide you to your inner peace, joy and strength
Do you feel limited by old patterns of acting and thinking or are you stucked emotionally? Through the contact with your Higher Self, your soul, your inner voice you can look at and release what ever keeps you from living your life fully.

Psycho Spiritual Facilitation is a very gentle and loving therapy. It goes very deep - as deep as you are ready to go.

What can Psycho Spiritual Facilitation do for you?
˛  Connect you with your true self
˛  Show you your story and what you have "forgotten"
˛  Show you unsuitable behaviour patterns and help you
     change them, so that life works for you
˛  Show you what you have learned about your self
˛  Heal deep emotional traumas
˛  Help you become your own Healer and Master so you become the captain
     of your ship and not a "stowaway"
˛  Show you how unique you are so that you can acknowledge and love yourself
     as the beautiful being you are
˛  Help you so that you can live the life you want, find and follow your mission

What is a session?
The first time you come in for a session we´ll do 4 sessions over 4 days, each session lasting 2-3 hours. After that single sessions can be arranged depending on your needs.

In the beginning of each session I will support you in connecting with your Higher Self. In the dialogue with your Higher Self you will look at and work on the themes that have limited or blocked you in your life and you will begin healing your old wounds. I will support you energetically in the process so you can release the blockages in your emotional body.

The emotional body is the energetic part of our consciousness that contains the emotions of the personality. This is where the blockings from e.g. abuse and addiction are, as well as all the limiting emotions such as anxiety, sorrow, despondency, anger, vulnerability, shame, guilt ect. is situated.

When you release your emotional themes the transformation begins and you will rediscover your own true nature, strength and vitality. As you release your old themes you'll make room for more productive life patterns. The sessions are very effective and goes beyond psycho therapy.

The sessions can be stories from this life, past lives, symbolic, mythological or dream-like . They give profound insights and effectively release physical and emotional issues.

What is  Psycho Spiritual Facilitation?
Your Higher Self will take you on a journey. On that journey you will look at and uncover old patterns, emotional traumas and karmic links, that stops you from being who you really are. You will look at your story and what you carry with you in a loving and clear manner.
It will help you so you only carry what you need on this journey called Life.

Your Higher Self will lead the way to what you need to face and what you are ready to look at now. Psycho Spiritual Facilitation is energetic work and your Higher Self will help you get in contact with and heal the emotional wounds you may have.

What is  The Higher Self?
Your Higher Self is your inner voice, the part of you that knows all, understands all, your all loving part who is always present. Your Higher Self remembers everything and loves you unconditionally, it is the Divine spiritual part of you, your unlimited spiritual power that you can contact for guidance, insight and healing.

If you want to know more about sessions feel free to contact me.