I was born a clairvoyant, clairsentience in 1961. I have always been fascinated with people, what makes us who we are, how we deal with this thing called life and basically what we are doing here.

I have become more absorbed with how we can get real joy and harmony into our lives and live in consistency with who we truly are and discover and do what we came here to do.

I have a MBA in marketing and business administration and for many years I worked in corporate business. Further more I have a BA in HRM (Human resource management).

In 1997 I began the training as a Psycho Spiritual Facilitator. It’s a 2 year education and an important part of it is based on the students own healing process meaning looking into and clearing ones own patterns, themes ect.; as well as acquisition of extensive theoretical knowledge from the transpersonal psychology.

In 2003 I read Michael Newton’s book Journey of Souls. I discovered that my clients now and then had visited the "other side" in Higher Self sessions. I decided to add that dimension to my work in a more conscious way. In March 2006 I participated in a workshop in Bedford, England attended by Michael Newton, where I was trained to become a Life Between Life therapist, LBL.

I’m a channel between the above and the below. I help transform the darkness so the light will be spread wider in this world and the energy raised.

You are welcome to contact me if you want to know more.

I'm trained and certified by TNI, The Newton Institute.

Pernille Lund
Mobil: 24 85 08 24 
e-mail: pernilledeva@get2net.dk