Spiritual house cleaning

If you have energies or beings that disturb you I can clean your home or workplace.

Uncomfortable energies in a place can have several causes. It can be a deceased with a detachment to the place, someone you brought home with you because there´s an attachment between the two of you or it can be an energy which frequency is out of harmony with yours.

Through clairvoyance I will see what is going on and with assistance from the other side I will send the spirit/ spirits back into the light. If there're any messages I will pass them on to you.

When we leave our physical body (die) we´re supposed to go back into the light, back to our home in the spirit world. Sometimes that doesn't happen for various reasons. On the other side times doesn´t exist. A spirit can get stucked for a very long time. In that time the soul will not evolve.

To me it´s a privilege being able to help those in a physical body as well as those who are not.