(Ancient traveller By Gilbert Williams)

    Buddhist philosophy

Life is given to us as a mean of
    expressing our selves, and it only
    gives us what we seek
    if we listen to the heart.
    ( Buddhist philosophy)

² Believe not what you have heard.
    Believe not in tradition, because it has been past on
    through many generations.
    Believe not in something that has been mentioned many times.
    Believe not because the written statements derive from some
    wise old man.
    Believe not in guesswork
    Believe not in authorities, teachers or the eldest.
    But if it after meticulous observation and analysis
    tally with the mind and will benefit all without exception
    then accept it and live according to it.
    (Buddha 563 b.c. - 483 b.c.)

² Two Buddhist monks walk along a river. At one point they pass
    a woman asking them to help her cross the river. One of
    the monks carries her across and they keep on walking.
    Three hours later the other monk says "you are a monk and
    you carried a woman!" "Yes" the first monk replied "it´s true
    that three hours ago I carried a woman across the river, but
    I can hear you are still carrying her with you."

² A man had heard about Buddha´s reputation of being peaceful
    and non-violent no matter what he encountered in life.
    This man decided to test the divine and he travelled far to be
    in His presents. For three days he was rude and very unpleasant
    with Buddha. He criticised and pointed his finger at everything
    Buddha said and did. He shouted in an attempt to get an angry
    respond. But Buddha was never insecure. Each time he responded
    with love and kindness. At the end the man couldn´t take it any
    more. "How can you be so peaceful and kind, when all I have said
    has been hostile?" he asked. "If someone gives you a present and
    you do not receive it, to whom does the present belong?" Buddha
    replied. The man got his answer.